Today, the packaging industry is not only focused on developed countries, but developing countries, including Vietnam, also attach importance to this field. A representative of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam commented: When Vietnam fully opens its retail market in early 2009, there will certainly be a "packaging war" between companies. Because more than anyone else, they are aware of the importance of packaging in consumers' purchasing decisions. Therefore, BACH MY SON CO., LTD was born to meet the packaging criteria such as beauty, convenience, product safety, environmental friendliness...

We operate in the field of packaging production and trading. We are committed to providing customers with quality products and the most competitive prices. With a variety of products such as: PE, PA, PP, OPP bags, self-destructing HD bags, zipper bags, zipper bags, anti-static bags, garbage bags, PE rolls, PE films...

In addition to meeting normal market goods, we also produce according to customer's order requirements. BACH MY SON CO., LTD is looking forward to cooperating and opening packaging agents in the country and neighboring countries. With good price policy and standard variety of products.

Quality: the packaging is durable, not torn or punctured during long-term use. Can be reused without worrying about fading or deterioration.

Beautiful printing pattern: every printing line, the design on the packaging surface is very delicate, sharp, durable, does not fade, does not silver during use.

Design: The packaging has an impressive layout, highlighting the business and professional message.

Standard specification: The packaging sample must be the right size, the right size, the right model so that the packaging process brings aesthetic value and brings trust to customers.

The motto of Bach My Son Co., Ltd. "Perfect in quality and service" is the overall supplier for all channels such as agents, restaurants, hotels, fashion shops, companies are the background. the basic foundation for the development, companion and rise up between customers and our company. The company puts the prestige on the top, we always make continuous efforts to further improve the quality of products along with the spirit of enthusiastic and attentive service, satisfying the needs and expectations of customers.

With professional service and dedicated to customers. We believe in bringing satisfaction to our customers with the best quality products at the most suitable prices.


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