PE, PP, OPP, PA bag

PE, PP, OPP, PA bag

PE bags are made from white or opaque polyethylene (abbreviated as PE) plastic, which is a kind of low cost high quality packaging. With excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, although light, PE bags can withstand quite heavy loads. PE bags have quick production times in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and even printables.

PP bags are manufactured with PP film bags with a density of PP plastic particles usually only 0.91 g / cm3 (smaller than water) along with other additives, PP bags are quite flexible, have better heat resistance, and are resistant to heat. good abrasion. The disadvantage of PP bags is that it is easy to cause pollution in the reuse process, and is prone to aging and deformation.

OPP bags are made of 2 layers of PolyPropylene film with straight orientation, thereby creating a nylon film with high tensile force, sharp but quite hard and brittle. OPP film production application with wide range of uses, non-toxic, tasteless, and safe for the environment.

PA bags are special plastic bags used to pack products that need to be vacuum sealed. Produced by a composite membrane and a structure of 2 or more layers, it is also called multilayer.


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