PE Roll, PE Film

PE Roll, PE Film

PE roll film is also known by many other names such as hand-wrapped PE film, pallet wrap, cargo wrap, industrial PE film, industrial PE film, shrink wrap, PE Stretch Film....

PE roll film is a kind of PE plastic film with thin and tough, high elasticity. PE roll film has good adhesion properties on many surfaces such as metal, glass, wood, plastic, etc.

Uses of PE roll, PE film

PE roll film is transparent, flexible, multi-dimensional and has high adhesion. With the characteristics of being waterproof, waterproof, dustproof and not allowing air to pass through. So PE wrap film is widely used in:

  • PE roll film is used to wrap goods, wrap pallets against moisture and moisture very effectively.
  • PE wrapping film has the effect of protecting products and goods, ensuring that the goods are intact and not scratched during transportation.
  • PE wrapping film also protects the product against dirt and harmful external factors.
  • PE roll film used to wrap pallets is not broken, easy to transport

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