Safe food bags and unknowns

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Safe food bags and unknowns

Should choose safe food bags and unknowns manufactured from safe materials to avoid harm to human health. To keep food fresh, we often use plastic bags to wrap food or plastic containers, then put in the refrigerator. However, not everyone knows how to preserve the safest food for their family's health.

Using plastic bags has become popular

Let's review the remarkable numbers from a plastic bag survey by the Ho Chi Minh City Recycling Fund:
- 93% of people when shopping often do not bring a carrying bag and will be provided by the goods owner.
- 70% of packaging in markets is plastic bags, 25% in supermarkets and 3% in trade centers.
 - Cheap plastic bags are only from 22,000 - 27,000 VND depending on the type, or more advanced, about 40,000 VND

In addition to the cheap price, the safe and unknown food bag also has the advantage of being thin, convenient, and can meet most of the requirements for storing goods (clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc.) common food containers (vegetables, meat, fish...). Therefore, plastic bags are more and more popular than other items such as plastic boxes, paper boxes, plastic lanes...
Since then, housewives often go to the market empty-handed and bring back a lot of plastic bags, each bag contains an item such as a bunch of vegetables, a fish, a slice of meat, an egg, a weight of rice... Estimated, each trip The market of a family with about 4 adults will use about 5-10 new plastic bags to hold all kinds of food.

Most users do not distinguish the type of safe packaging
Food preservation habits of Vietnamese people

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, National Institute of Nutrition: In recent years, the plastic industry has developed rapidly, plastic bags, cans, bottles and plastic food containers are increasingly popular. According to the regulations, the types of paper, bags and packages used to contain and pack food must meet hygiene standards, not affect the quality of the food, and not be toxic to people.

Regulations on food bags around the world

Around the world, many countries have regulated the use of polyethylene plastic for food packaging.
Some types of plastic bags are made from non-toxic Polyvinyl plastic, but a single molecule of this substance has the potential to cause cancer. Not to mention that these nylons are all likely to be contaminated with microorganisms due to not being sterilized and preserved scientifically.

Therefore, people cannot arbitrarily use synthetic plastics to store food. However, even when using packaging and bags according to prescribed standards, in the production process, people must also mix a little more chemicals to make

How to choose the right food safe bag

In Vietnam, plastic food bags are mainly made of HD plastic film or PE film (sometimes PP plastic) - the composition of these plastics does not contain toxins. But in our country today, plastic food bags are produced by cooperatives from recycled plastic, so they often contain toxic elements. Another case is that many packaging manufacturers use plasticizers that are harmful to human health.

One advice is that families should choose plastic food bags from manufacturing companies that have been certified to meet all safety and hygiene conditions for ready-to-eat food - fresh food - as well as cooked food. .

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