Tips to preserve food with plastic bags

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Tips to preserve food with plastic bags

In addition to making shopping bags, garbage bags, transporting goods, ... plastic bags are also used to store food for the family. Here are some tips on using plastic bags to keep your family's food fresh.

1 - Use plastic bags to wrap green vegetables:

You can buy specialized food bags, or you can even take advantage of the available plastic bags, to preserve the green vegetables in the family, then put them in the refrigerator, helping the vegetables. It takes longer to wilt, but it's still fresh.

  >> Note: vegetables containing a lot of oil should not be kept in the refrigerator. Celery is an example. You should also not put them in plastic bags, it is best to keep them in a cool place, away from sunlight.

2 - Preserving raw vegetables:

For raw vegetables, before wrapping them in a plastic bag, you should add a piece of tissue paper to absorb moisture, this way helps the raw vegetables stay fresh and not darken. For this method, you will probably need cling film.

3 - How to preserve peanuts, beans, nuts in plastic bags:

First, you need to make sure the plastic bag is completely dry. After that, you can take advantage of used plastic bottles, cut off the mouth of the bottle, tie the bag in a plastic bag. And you've got an effective way to preserve peanuts, beans, etc., and taking them out is also very convenient.

4 - Preserving bananas:

When unsalted to store bananas in the refrigerator (it will cause odors to other foods), you should use a plastic bag to tie the banana stalks tightly. This will help keep the bananas fresh longer, avoiding the stalks. In particular, you should not separate each banana from the bunch.

5 - Foods that should not be stored in plastic bags:

- You should not use plastic bags to store tomatoes, because in the absence of oxygen, the tomatoes will be damaged, so keep them in a well-ventilated place. The green ones you should be able to turn upside down. If you want to ripen quickly, put tomatoes with other fruits.

- Do not put mushrooms in plastic bags, it will make them easily moldy. They should be stored in a carton and in a cool place.

Here are some of the most common foods that are found on a daily basis. Simple tips to use plastic bags will help preserve food and vegetables always fresh. But also do not use plastic bags to store some foods, you need to be careful


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