What do you know about vacuum PA bags?

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What do you know about vacuum PA bags?

Vacuum PA bag is a specialized bag used to preserve and store items that need to be vacuumed such as blankets, clothes, tea, coffee,... In addition, it has a great role in the preservation. packaging and storing frozen products, seafood, agricultural products,... Then what are the special uses and features of this bag that can preserve the products for such a long time? ? All these questions will be answered enthusiastically in the article below.

Material for the production of PA bags

The main ingredient for the production of PA bags is a set of high-quality primary plastic beads with clear origins. Produced by a composite film and multi-layer structure, this bag offers many advantages such as moisture resistance, mold resistance, the ability to store products at temperatures up to -150 degrees Celsius.

Uses of PA bags

Vacuum PA bags are considered a feverish packaging product in the current market because of its benefits:

- Ensure high thickness, toughness, moisture resistance, effective waterproofing.

- Resistance to heat up to -150 degrees Celsius, very convenient in packaging and preserving frozen agricultural and seafood products such as shrimp, squid, fish, ...

- Has good bearing capacity, so it is used as a storage material for heavy products such as rice bags, ...

- Thanks to the ability to reduce oxygen, so the vacuum bag is no longer able to inhibit the growth of bacteria or fungi. At the same time, it also limits the evaporation of volatile ingredients, making it convenient to store products for a longer time.

- Can be used to store dry food for a long time such as smoked meat, frozen food, cheese, tea, coffee, ...

In addition, PA bags can also store products with a short storage time such as fresh vegetables, meat, fish, etc., thanks to their ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

What to pay attention to when buying vacuum bags?

- Currently, in addition to reputable packaging production sites, some places just for the sake of profit, use poor quality raw materials to produce PA bags, causing potential dangers to consumers. use. Therefore, to be sure to buy a quality vacuum bag, you need to note the following:

- Choose to buy bags with a clear origin, understand the information about the product

- You should ask a consultant to be able to choose the right bags for your requirements and purposes

- Find out about the price of the product. Make sure to choose a good price, but beware of prices that are too cheap. Sometimes, cheap products but not guaranteed quality will affect the product quality and the user's health.

- Choose reputable units with many years of experience in the profession. Because these units will ensure the supply of quality products and reasonable prices. In addition, you can also answer questions related to product packaging.


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