Why are biodegradable garbage bags widely used?

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Why are biodegradable garbage bags widely used?

Currently, plastic bags have been used very popularly not only in Vietnam but also around the world. This type of bag is mostly recycled nylon, made from plastic, and it takes a very long time, sometimes hundreds of years, to decompose. This will lead to environmental pollution. The phenomenon of plastic bags choking in empty rivers or piled up on many roads is not too strange, and plastic waste cannot be decomposed immediately, so it is gradually increasing. So to be able to reduce this situation, the researchers invented a biodegradable garbage bag and advised everyone to use this type of bag.

Over the years, people have become accustomed to using plastic bags when buying goods. However, plastic bags are made from non-biodegradable substances, it takes hundreds of years for them to decompose. As a result, human health is also seriously affected. Therefore, biodegradable garbage bags were born to improve the living environment while still ensuring the needs of people.

What is a biodegradable garbage bag?

While plastic bags are made from recycled plastic and take hundreds of years to decompose, but have been used indiscriminately, biodegradable plastic bags are made from organic materials (cornstarch). , flour) under the action of microorganisms, the packaging will convert into simple organic substances, easily soluble or decompose into carbon dioxide and water, without causing environmental pollution.

Reasons to use biodegradable garbage bags

- Self-destructing garbage bags are considered to have many outstanding advantages compared to traditional plastic bags. Specifically:

- Safe for health: The bag is made from natural materials, so it helps people reduce the risk of being exposed to harmful substances such as BPA, phthalates. In addition to processing completely biodegradable natural bags, there is no need to burn, just bury, so it does not create harmful gases that cause cancer and birth defects such as dioxins, furans.

- Ancol's fully biodegradable garbage bags are made from natural materials, so they are very safe for users' health.

- Environmentally friendly: Fully biodegradable garbage bags can completely decompose into inorganic substances and biomass without any harmful residues in the environment. Moreover, the amount of biomass generated can be used to produce bio-fertilizers for plants to help regenerate green ecosystems.

- Time to decompose quickly: These bags have a very short decomposition time, only a few months to a few years. Compared to the 100-500 year period of traditional plastic bags, this time is much shorter.

How to choose to buy a self-destructing garbage bag

As a product with great effects in environmental protection, consumers should choose products with green labels from reputable units. If it is not a self-destructing bag or is a fake, there will be no green label.

Biodegradable nylon is smooth to the touch, usually white or transparent, not rich in color.

In addition, it is possible to determine whether a purchased biodegradable product is toxic by burning. If the product is found to be flammable and does not smoke, its toxicity is limited, on the contrary, if it is toxic, it is difficult to burn. It burns without foaming but gives off smoke, has a strange smell, and when it comes out of the fire, it will go out.

Self-destructing bags only change in terms of the size of the material after a period of decomposition, but the nature of the materials used to produce them does not change, ie the nylon does not disappear and still has the ability to cause pollution. .

In addition to choosing to buy, consumers also need to understand that: Ordinary or biodegradable nylon, even if it is non-toxic or less toxic, should not be used to wrap and store hot foods (soup, porridge, etc.) the additives in the bag dissolve into the feed.

Although it is a very beneficial product for the environment, consumers should not depend on the product's ability to self-destruct but use it extensively and improperly, considering to protect health from changing habits. used to use plastic bags with safety items instead.


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